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Kim Brown

ELC Coordinator

Contact Info:

Phone:  (352) 357-5878


We welcome your family to the Extended Learning Center (ELC) program.

ELC is a fee-supported Community Education program operated by Lake County Schools. The program is under the supervision of the school principal, with countywide coordination and direction provided by the Supervisor of Choice, Charter and Community Education.

Visit the ELC District Webpage for program details. 

ELC Weekly Rates

Registration $25.00

Full Pay

Morning and Afternoon - $62.00

Afternoon only - $51.00

Morning only - $29.00

With provided proof of participation in an eligible assistance program

Morning and Afternoon - $31.00

Afternoon only - $25.50

Morning only - $14.5-


Please make two separate payments: (1) $25.00 for Registration and (2) payment for your tuition amount.

Thank you for your registration. We are excited that your child will be coming to our ELC program. Please do not send your child until after you have been notified by Mrs. Brown.

Contact Mrs. Brown with any questions at (352) 357-5878