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Art Club

Panther Art Club

Meets Tuesdays from 3:30 – 4:30


The Panther Art Club offers students, who have a passion for visual arts, the opportunity to expand on their skills and creativity by using a variety of media and techniques, assisting with our annual art show  and working on other collaborative projects.


The goal of Panther Art Club is to support and encourage students to think outside the box and grow their creativity. Students will have the opportunity to use art to express themselves and visually communicate their thoughts, feelings, community and their world view.


  • Panther Art Club is open to students 1st-5th grades who love art.
  • Students must be respectful in class.
  • Students must have permission from a parent or guardian to stay at school after hours.

Rules of Conduct

  • Students must be respectful to the art room, teacher, supplies and fellow club members.
  • Students must bring their sketchbook that is provided to them on the first day to each club meeting.
  • Have fun!

Club By-Laws

Students will be able to create art in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Students will be encouraged to improve artistic skills and expand on their creative ideas.

Students will have equal opportunity in contributing their artistic talents to group projects and events.